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100% gluefree & easy installation system

Why R-click ?

Installation Friendly
Modified system for DIY convenience.  Just click-in, it is fast and easy to install, anyone can do it.
100% gluefree system
No glue needed in length and width sides, the tongue and groove click together perfectly without visible joint.
Anti Squeaking sound treatment
The special Vacumat® complete edge impregnation makes R-click a quieter jointing system after installation.
Extremely moisture resistance
Profiled in tropical hardwood HDF as coreboard with extra Vacumat® anti-moist protection significantly improves the moisture resistance of the click system, with enhanced dimensional stability and below the norm edge swelling.
Click for long-term performance
Specially designed with double click and strong holding strength to sustain minimum gap between panels for years to come.
Precise profile enables easy installation and dismantle without damaging the tongue and groove, the flooring is made of material durable enough to be reused.
Flexible installation system
Various methods of installation, piece by piece or row by row; from left to right or vice versa, a click that is suitable for most situations.
Ready to be used right away
You can walk and place furniture on R-click floor upon installation.
Proven System
R-click has been accepted well for years in many countries as the preferred system by most installers and users.