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Vacumat® Edge Protection System

ROBINA'S LATEST PRODUCTS ENHANCEMENT- has set the Laminate Flooring standards towards superior and long term performance !

Robina's "Double Edge Protection" has always been the unique feature of Robina laminate flooring. This additional retreat process whereby natural oil from plant extract being sprayed on the four side of every laminate flooring panel acts as a moist barrier before an application of paraffin on certain area of the click profile to reduce friction between the installed laminate flooring hence minimize squeaking sound besides for easier installation. This has made Robina flooring a preferred system among other products. Recently, Robina Flooring strives a further height by having acquired the latest advanced vacuum coating Patented technology - VACUMAT®.

Vacuum hydrophobation of the edges of Robina Flooring panels with sealing agents (mixture of scientifically paraffin & oil - water repellent agent), where cover 100% of the profile contour along 4 sides and leaves no overspray on the panels' surface. This technology consists of a unique method of controlling precisely and effectively the amount of protective layer being distributed. It guarantees that the middle layer of the supporting plate, where a high measure of effective protection is essential, receive a constant application of the necessary amount of moisture-repellent agent to the cross-section of profile.

The result: Durable flooring with enhanced edge protection system that delivers perfect moist-resistance, better dimensional stability with minimum squeaking after installation, only by Robina Flooring.