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Exotic decors for interior designers who know the best and never compromise for less. With plenty of sophisticated decors on the list, it is intended to make one spoiled with choices.

8 mm, Deep Emboss

AC22 Acacia-Chocolate
BA12 Equinox Bamboo
CS11 Casa Stripe White
E11 Euroline
ME32 Merbau Schiffsboden
MR31 Elm Markant
O11 African Oak
PE11 Wild Pekan
T11 Classic Teak
T23 Platinum Teak
W12 Caramel Walnut
WE21 Wenge-Panga-Panga
ZE11 Benin Zebrano

Powered with all enhanced features, i.e. : 12mm thicker board, AC4, deep emboss surface. This royal range offers a complete flooring solution that provides design, strength and tranquility.