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Classical collection of Robina's most demanded decors worldwide.  Made of 'No one says no' decors in 8mm & 12mm that will blend well with any interiors, any seasons, any places.

8mm, Normal Texture

A22 Nibura Apple
AL31 Red Alder
AS11 Pearl Ash
B11 Select Beech
B21 Double Beech
B31 American Beech
BI11 Cinnamon Birch
C21 Patagonian Cherry
C23 Rose Cherry
C32 Tri-band Cherry
CA11 Canyon Pekan
CE21 Tropical Chengal
M23 Elegant Maple
M25 Edmonton Maple
M27 Hard Maple - Tuscan  
M32 Light Maple
O21 Wild Oak
O35 Forest Oak
T12 Sumba Teak
T13 Siam Teak
T14 Madagascar

8mm, Deep Emboss

AC21 Acacia 2-strip
AC23 Acacia-Smoked
C26 Dark Cherry
EB11 Noble Ebony
K11 Toffee Kastilla
M24 Karelia Maple
M28 Hard Maple - Cinnamon
O14 Virginia Oak
O15 Plateau Oak
O23 Eiche Oak
O24 Empire Oak
O39 Natural Oak
PA11 Paramount Palisander
S11 Satin White
T16 Picasso Teak
T17 Brazilian Teak
T22 Sumatra Teak
V11 Vintage Venezian
W11 Walnut Lucca
W13 Sacramento Walnut

12 mm, Deep Emboss

AC21 Acacia 2-strip
AC21 Acacia 2-strip
M24 Karelia Maple
T12 Sumba Teak
T15 Teak Allover
T16 Picasso Teak
W12 Caramel Walnut